Alice Warner

I am the Gel that keeps it all together at Diamond Accounts

Loves: Being outdoors! (Camping, walking, rounders, exploring)
Hates: Feeling lazy. I feel terrible if I’ve wasted too much time in the week doing nothing!
Top of your bucket list: Travel the world, and try food that I wouldn’t have gotten in the UK
Obsessed by: Everything space related, and sunsets/sunrises
Favourite app: Tiktok and RED (it’s a very annoying game)
Favourite film: Spiderman: No Way Home
Favourite series to binge: Lost in Space

I moved to Eastbourne in the summer of 2020, and I was immediately obsessed with the beach (as I should be). I love water sports, and swimming when the weather is nice. Otherwise, I love music or being artistically creative, and when I can I love to travel and explore new places!

I have a few passions such as photography, drawing, and content creating. On top of this, I also have a passion for social media, which I’m lucky enough to have as part of my role here at Diamond Accounts.