Team Leader

Hardi is a certified chartered accountant with ACCA, she joined Diamond in 2019, but has a number of years’ experience working as an accountant. In the past she has worked for the professional institute as a trainer, guiding colleagues and students in the field of taxation. This is an area of great interest in which she is constantly learning and developing to ensure she is always up to date on the most recent tax matters and issues.

Hardi always has a positive ‘let’s do it’ attitude when it comes to dealing with problems, with a key focus on finding solutions and options rather than giving up, also when it comes to her staff she is a strong leader who likes to encourage and motivate the team to achieve the best result together.

Hardi is ambitious, optimistic and confident and she will work hard to make her dreams come true.

In her spare time, she loves to paint, travel and spend quality time with family and friends.