If your practice is doing really well, the chances are you’re time poor – but how do you address that? The short answer is outsourcing.

Around two in five UK businesses outsource certain business processes, reducing overheads and boosting compliance as a result. Accountancy firms offer outsourcing services, but can also benefit from outsourcing themselves.

At Diamond Outsourcing, we offer the option for accountancy practices to add values to their clients while trusting us to deliver on their behalf. That means you can generate extra revenue from your existing client base without increasing your staff numbers.

But which services work best when outsourced?

Bookkeeping and preparing the accounts

Accountants know that although doing the books sounds easy, it’s a time-consuming and often technical job in its own right. It requires real attention to detail.

At the same time, it’s also not a job that requires you to know the ins-and-outs of the business in question. As long as they’ve got the files and figures they need, it makes no difference to a competent outsourced bookkeeper.

The same is true, to an extent, with accounts preparation. It’s about order, organisation and compliance with industry standards.

With the right quality assurance and sign-off processes in place – and we’ve spent a lot of time getting our systems spot on! – accounts prep works brilliantly when outsourced.

Time saved, valued added.


Any of your clients who employ staff are prime candidates for upselling payroll services to.

Larger businesses tend to employ someone to handle these obligations, but for other smaller employers this isn’t an option even though the administrative burden is similar whether you’ve got three employees or 300.

Your clients want to save time and effort, you want to find ways to do more for them and deepen the relationship, but you don’t necessarily want to expand your team right now.

So, outsourcing this is a no-brainer, even if later on you decide you do want to build your own payroll outsourcing function in-house.

Our payroll outsourcing team can handle everything: recording pay, making any deductions for National Insurance or student loan repayments, producing payslips and preparing the report which will eventually go to HMRC once it’s been approved.

Tax compliance

If it’s form-based and routine, it’s a prime candidate for outsourcing – and that certainly applies to self-assessment for individuals and partnerships, company tax returns and VAT returns.

Many of our clients are extremely grateful for the option to call on us for help at their corporate year-end or in the run-up to the 31 January income tax self-assessment deadline, giving them the extra capacity they need to take on new clients without having nervous breakdowns.

No accountancy practice can afford to carry as many staff as it needs for year-end all year round – it just wouldn’t be efficient.

Working with the information you provide, and using your own accounting practice’s software and systems, our team can provide a seamless, efficient service that reduces the burden and, crucially, makes you look good to your clients.

To explore how outsourcing could cut your costs and make your accountancy practice or finance team more efficient, get in touch.