Accounts Payable outsourcing

The Benefits of Accounts Payable Outsourcing: Unlocking Efficiency and Cost Savings

Accounts payable outsourcing is a great way to unlock efficiency and cost savings for companies of all sizes. By outsourcing your accounts payable functions, you can enjoy greater accuracy, faster turnaround times, improved business intelligence, better visibility, and lower overhead costs.

What is Accounts Payable Outsourcing?
  • Accounts payable outsourcing is a process whereby a business outsources its accounts payable department to a third-party provider
  • It involves transferring the management, processing, and payment of invoices to the third-party provider
  • The provider is responsible for overseeing the entire accounts payable process, such as data entry, invoice reconciliation, and payment disbursement
Benefits of Accounts Payable Outsourcing
Improved Efficiency
  • Automation of processes leads to faster processing of invoices and payments
  • The provider can also facilitate the adoption of best practices and technologies for efficient accounts payable management
  • Adoption of digital tools reduces paperwork and manual errors.
Cost Savings
  • Outsourcing can help reduce the cost of managing the accounts payable department
  • The provider can offer economies of scale that result in cost savings for the business
  • With the help of technology, the provider can also help the business reduce administrative costs
Increased Accuracy
  • Automation of processes leads to fewer errors and increased accuracy in invoice processing
  • The provider can also help the business ensure compliance with taxation and regulatory regulations
  • Outsourcing also helps reduce the risk of fraud and ensures timely and accurate payments
Increased Security
  • Outsourcing to a third-party provider increases the security of the accounts payable process
  • The provider can implement rigorous procedures to ensure the security of the payments and data
  • The provider can also help ensure the confidentiality of the data by implementing data encryption and other security measures
Ability to Focus on Core Business
  • Outsourcing reduces the burden of managing the accounts payable department, allowing the business to focus on its core activities
  • The provider can also help the business optimise processes and increase efficiency, freeing up resources for more important tasks
  • The provider can also offer customised solutions to meet the unique needs of the business
  • Outsourcing accounts payable can offer numerous benefits to businesses, such as improved efficiency, cost savings, increased accuracy, increased security, and the ability to focus on core business
  • It is important to select a reliable provider to ensure the successful and secure management of the accounts payable process
  • With the help of a third-party provider, businesses can optimise their accounts payable processes and increase efficiency

When it comes to outsourcing, our aim is always to make you look good. Your clients don’t need to know that the service is being outsourced unless you want them to. Not only that but our accounts payable outsourcing team is highly experienced, uses tried-and-tested processes and the latest software. As a result, you’ll get fast, efficient, perfectly compliant results every time, with minimal effort on your part.

Our team, managed from the UK, will take care of invoice and receipt scanning, payment processing, payment reconciliations, exception management and every other aspect of the accounts payable process.

I now have a practice that is growing steadily and have the ability to fit my work around the lifestyle I choose. With the expertise they have I am more confident in signing new clients in different industries and markets. My only regret is that I never implemented Diamond years ago.

— Violet, London

Four easy steps

Our process is straightforward and transparent

step one


Our UK management team will work with you to set up goals and processes – who is responsible for what and how it will work in practice.

step two


We'll brief the overseas audit team and get you connected. You'll manage them directly but can call on us whenever you need to.

step three


The audit processing team will work through the tasks you set them, from reviewing accounts to running audit tests.

step four

Results review

They'll present outputs on the agreed schedule and we'll check in with you to confirm you're happy with the results.

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