December isn’t just a busy time for Father Christmas, it’s a manic time of year for most accountants as people seek help with their tax returns.

Without advance planning, these enquiries can threaten to overwhelm already busy accountancy practices ahead of the 31 January deadline.

Fortunately, you can let Diamond Outsourcing handle these additional self-assessment tax returns and free up capacity for your practice.

With this time-consuming burden taken off your plate, you can then focus on the areas of accountancy you enjoy the most.

Outsourcing your tax returns to us can even give you extra time to spend with family and friends, if the Omicron variant of COVID-19 allows.

Our self-assessment outsourcing solution integrates with most cloud accounting software, including Xero and FreeAgent.

It enables you and your clients to see a real-time picture of the work we can do on your behalf between now and the deadline.

Here’s how our self-assessment outsourcing service can work for your accountancy practice in four simple steps.

1) Kick-off call

If you’re already at capacity, don’t delay with the deadline a month away. Pick up the phone and call us on 020 3950 0316 to get the ball rolling.

You should know that we use an overseas team of UK tax experts for this process, all of whom are trusted by us and enable us to offer low prices.

From the very first call, our management team can discuss your goals and processes, determine the key responsibilities, and agree on the schedule.

There’s no obligation to outsource your accountancy practice’s overflow tax returns to us unless you’re happy to proceed.

2) Appointing Diamond Outsourcing

If you instruct us to press ahead, we will hook you up with our overseas team who will be handling these self-assessment tax returns.

You will be responsible for setting them tasks and managing them directly, but we’re there to offer clarity and expert support.

They won’t be shutting down for the Christmas break, meaning a lot of valuable work will be done while you’re tucking into your festive feast.

3) Getting the job done

Our team will work through the tasks you set them, applying any relevant tax reliefs, utilising exemptions and allowances from the 2020/21 tax year.

They’re fully aware of the need to account for and report any income your clients claimed via the COVID-19 emergency support schemes.

Once the team is happy with their work, they will present it back to you within the pre-agreed schedule.

4) Signing off the work

You will be responsible for assessing our team’s performance in handling the tasks all parties agreed at the outset.

We will touch base with you to have a debrief and hopefully you will confirm you’re happy to sign off the work.

If you want to talk about outsourcing your practice’s self-assessment surplus, email admin@diamondos.orgon or call 020 3950 0316.