At Diamond Outsourcing, we talk a lot about outsourced tax preparation and realise that this might be an ambiguous term to some readers.

Outsourced tax preparation is where you, as a practising accountant or business owner, appoint us to prepare your surplus tax returns.

For some accountants, that might be just for a month or two when you’re under the pump and wishing you had a bigger team.

For other business owners, it could be a more regular assignment to handle monthly or quarterly VAT returns or annual company tax returns.

Whatever you need, our cost-efficient outsourcing process allows you to free up capacity, while retaining overall control of your clients’ tax affairs.

In all cases, our UK tax experts manage an overseas team for this process, all of whom are trusted 100% by us and enable us to offer low prices.

We work with whatever cloud accounting setup you already have in place, allowing you to sign off their work and file it with HMRC.

Self-assessment tax returns

Self-assessment season is often a crunch point for accountancy firms, and outsourcing income tax self-assessment tax returns is an obvious answer.

But it doesn’t always have to be self-assessment season when you can outsource these income tax returns to our specialist team.

Assuming your clients have all of their income and expenses, we can get to work on personal tax returns as soon as the previous tax year ends.

This can really free up your own team to give strategic advice to those high-value clients, boosting your bottom line in the process.

Company tax returns

As you know, every incorporated business in the UK needs to pay corporation tax on profits they make in their accounting period.

Accounting periods tie in with the company’s year-end and unlike the tax year, this can be anytime during the calendar year.

Our team, based overseas but managed from our Sittingbourne HQ, prepares tax returns for limited companies, partnerships and LLPs.

We can also process corporation tax and business tax registrations, freeing up more time for you to make a real difference to your clients’ businesses.

VAT returns

Whether you run a finance team within a business or you’re a practising accountant, handling VAT returns is complex and time-consuming.

Depending on the business in question, your VAT obligations can be monthly or quarterly as well as annually.

Taking advantage of our VAT return outsourcing helps you to free up your team’s time to focus on high-level work and give your clients more.

By doing this, you’ll be able to comply with the UK VAT rules while putting in the minimum of effort. We can also muck in with VAT investigations.

Why choose Diamond Outsourcing?

If you have tax returns that you simply don’t have the capacity to handle right now, an option is staring you in the face.

At Diamond Outsourcing, we will happily take any of the aforementioned tax returns off your hands for a more than reasonable fee.

Our business model is based on making firms like yours look good, email admin@diamondos.orgon or call 020 3950 0316 to find out more.