Bal Gora


I have been in the accountancy industry for over 20 years. Throughout my career I have worked for a number of different companies in various industries, from financial services, hospitality, foodservice and manufacturing. As I progressed, I took on more senior finance role, where I found that I enjoyed managing multiple stakeholders and being business performance focussed.

Having the strong foundation in accounts is essential but what I really loved about my roles was the business partnering, financial analysis and value-adding activities, as that’s what made it so rewarding for me but at the same time, I was pushing the business forward.

Knowing that my passion was to help and support businesses, I wanted to make this my main focus. So, a few years ago myself and a long-term friend of mine (Sam) who shared the same vision decided to start the Diamond brand to manage our own client base. With our ethos and focus on our client needs the practice grew over time, but with this growth we needed to make sure our back-office operation was running smoothly to ensure we had the capacity and time to manage our clients effectively and continue to grow our business.

Out of this need Diamond Outsourcing was born, as to ensure we could continue dealing with our clients closely and helping them achieve their goals we needed to have a back-office operation which was highly optimised and efficiently managed. Now, with an experienced and well-established team, we are supporting many accountants and finance directors with their outsourcing needs.

The beauty of how we operate is that we always listen to what our clients want, be it a strategy to allow then space to grow or help to free up time so they can enjoy their life with friends and family, we are there to make sure it happens.