Neel H

Team Leader

Neel has been with Diamond from the beginning. He is currently a team leader and has more than six years’ experience in the role.

He is both respectful and professional when conducting himself in the performance of his duties and in the management of his team. He is responsible for bookkeeping, accounts preparation and tax returns.

He has managed to develop and train the team to a high level where they now have a great deal of experience and knowledge in accounts and various accounting software. Neel and his team will always do their best to provide accurate output to all the clients.

Not only is Neel an effective team leader, he always motivates his staff to perform and improve. He makes sound decisions when faced with an issue and will work with other managers and staff across the business to all levels of responsibility to resolve a problem. Neel is also very proactive when it comes to developing and implementing new initiatives in the business.

He loves to spend quality time with his family friends, and in his spare time, he is an avid traveller who enjoys visiting historical places of interest.