Sam Patel


With over a decade in Industry, I started my career in a small accountancy practice. I always knew the importance of adding value and helping clients in need. In the back of my mind felt I could do more, not just for clients but also for other accountants in need. Starting as a trainee with limited knowledge and limited resources I had to hit the ground running. I was like a sponge, soaking up all the knowledge from books, articles, my peers and the practice. In a very short time period, I built up a quality client base, met a lot of accountants and made some really good friends in many different industries.

Even in the early days, It became fairly clear to me, that it’s not so much about the number crunching as it was about being client-facing. It was more to do with building relationships, helping others in need and helping people with the most sensitive part of their life, which is their finances. Because of this realisation we wanted to ensure our business shares the same ethos we have, to help everybody to the best of your ability.

Through hard work, determination and courage we started our own brand, Diamond! At first it was just about our own clients within Diamond Accounts. We wanted to be ahead of the deadlines and give a quality service. Like any growing accountancy firm, we had sent a lot of clearance letters to accountants. From this we started to gauge how other practices were running and how easy it was to fall behind on deadlines. That was when we knew with the support of our outsourcing operation there was a whole industry of fellow accountants needing help.

Within a year of Diamond Accounts emerging into the market, Diamond Outsourcing was created for accountants. Not to say every accountant struggles but accountants join us for many different reasons. This can be to offload payroll, take on administration work, remove the burden of staff or even just to give it a try and see if it is for them.

There are lots of firms out there trying to do the same thing and often ruining the outsourcing idea by over promising and under-delivering. That is where we truly do shine and deliver what we say we can, when you want or need it done.

Our outsourcing clients even until today think I’m crazy because they say its hard enough running one practice so how on earth do you manage to be so involved with other practices as if they were your own. My response is always yes I am a little bit crazy but so is my team and that’s why it works so well.